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One man's drink is another man's poison.

We all have slightly different ways of dealing with things. What works for you may not work for someone else and so this route may not be for everyone. I suggest if you really feel you need face to face help or support with your gambling problem then the 'I want to stop' page on this site will be of help to you.

I feel passionately about developing a website that can provide lots of FREE useful information. Everything you see here is written by a problem gambler for the problem gambler.

I know what you're thinking - 'Who does this guy think he is?' and 'How come he thinks he's got all the answers'. You know what? I completely agree with you, and I feel slightly embarrassed that without any training or tutelage, I have written a help-guide. But I do understand better than any academic what you are going through and by educating myself I have become stronger and my core beliefs about gambling have changed. This does not mean that I am preaching to everyone that I will never gamble again, because it is far too early to say.  All I can say is that I am very proud of my current non-gambling status, that I take nothing for granted and the '1 day at a time' approach  is working out well.


Also, my quality of life has improved beyond recognition and the knowledge I've picked up along the way has helped shape my new life.


Testimonials for the FREE help-guide


Dear Jake:

Thank you so much for creating this site. I downloaded and read your "Want to Stop Gambling" yesterday, and found it inspirational, accurate, and so well written. Apart from determination, you have a great gift to say things in a precise, accurate and creative manner.

You are helping me incredibly, and inspiring me, in an attempt to stop gambling. I hope for a success.

I wish you the best of luck, and full and meaningful life,

Mina from the USA

Dear Jake,

'I just read your free help guide, and truly believe in what you have presented. These insights are invaluable toward my recovery, and key to prevent desperate measures. You provided affirmations that I had long suspected. Deep down I always knew that it couldn't possibly be as it seemed, after all how could it be; and now, I, after twenty years, I can finally give myself a chance rather than putting my life to chance.

Thankyou, your friend,'

Rick Christensen from Minneapolis


Dear Jake,

Thank you for your web site and your free help-guide.  My boyfriend has gambled for 25+ years and has dealt with the consequences along the way.  HE has decided to end this compulsion and your help-guide has really been an inspiration for him and encouraged him to do so.  I/We look forward to reading your book, I'm sure it will help him along his journey.  Thanks for sharing your story.  Thanks again. 

Julie from America 

Jeff Marotta, Ph.D., Oregon Problem Gambling Services Manager, 

"This is an excellent guide.  The author, a problem gambler in recovery, hits on the majority of the points and lessons that I used to employ when I treated problem gamblers.  Thus, I like his thinking.  I also like the conversational writing style and
inspirational quotes.  In short, I view this as an excellent resource for persons thinking about recovering, and even as an informational guide for beginning problem gambler counselors.  This is the only guide I have seen that is both from the words of a problem gambler and incorporates contemporary clinical findings and present day theory."

Mr Y from the UK

' Hi Jake, A quick line to say that I can't remember a time in my life where I've read and absorbed so much information. I'm glad I found your site and that you took the time to write this book - many thanks.'

VIrginia from


'Your publication is an outstanding and heartfelt resource to anyone with a gambling problem, has a loved one with a gambling problem or is treating a problem gambler. Your style of writing is what makes your book stand out from the rest; you have combined the right amount of personal history, research and useful tools to keep the reader involved and motivated. - Thanks for making my path of discovery into the world of problem gambling so much more enlightened!'


'Thank you for providing this very well written and useful guide.  I read it all in one sitting and have saved it on my computer for future re-read.  Now for the hard part, but maybe it will be easier with some tools that you provided.  Thank you, again.  I'll be visiting your website, too.'

Julie Hynes from said

'Jake , I took some time to read your guide and found it to be informative, moving, funny and wise. It's a fantastic, approachable, very readable resource that uou provide. Though we're in the States, the guide, like you say, is written from a global perspective and I think it would be a fantastic thing for people to have.'

Hi Jake,

'My name is XXX.  I have just read your book.  You are "an example of
the unlimited power of the human spirit". (Sound familiar).  It is true,
your story has touched me deeply.

My gambling began through lucky wins.  I thought that the money was so
easy I could quit my job.  Well, it didn't take long to lose much of my
own money to the casino.  It has caused me many problems.  I am now
doing everything I can to stop my problem gambling.

The biggest eye opener in your book is the section on the emotional
connection and gambling impulse.  I finally realize the psychology
behind the addiction.

Thank you so much. '



Mr X - Problem gambler from Australia.

'Hi Jake – I have read your entire document now. I found everything extremely helpful.

Other literature I have read in the past I have found ineffective as it is often written so we feel like lab rats (ie. A doctor, specialist, or academic has written it as an outside observer)

-      I don't know about you but when I have been to GA I've found that method of therapy (though excellent for some) just does not gel with me. I'd rather heal with my own research etc. 

  You kept things so anybody reading it could relate, though there was just enough of your own personal story to make it feel like the reader isn't alone.

I hope this helps a little. You have helped me.'


Dear Jake,  


I have just finished reading your free pdf book on It was excellent. So real and so identifiable. I, like you, had a problem with gambling and have told my story online as well. I would love for you to review my website and let me know your feedback. 

I didn't find Gamblers Anonymous to be of help for me so I created my 
website only for those who have tried GA but didn't get results from it. 

Gerard from USA