About This Website

This website was born out of a lifetime of problem gambling. This website is me fighting back and sharing everything I have learned.

They say that a problem gambler can think about gambling up to 80% of the time. So for us problem gamblers out there who want to stop gambling we can suddenly find ourselves with a lot of spare time on our hands. Time, that we need to channel into more positive areas of our lives. As well as working full time I home school my children, run a small business and manage this website.

The aims of this website are:

  1. To reach as many problem gamblers as possible and offer them a FREE help-guide (approx. 1 hour read).
  2. To be available to any sector to give talks/workshops to help raise awareness about the dark side of gambling
  3. Provide a comprehensive list of all the different ways you can stop gambling. Including access to FREE chat rooms and different places where you can receive counselling worldwide
  4. To remain completely impartial.  Everything here has been written by a problem gambler and he honestly views things.
  5. I want to provide as much free information as possible. However, not everything can be free and so there are products on here for sale and links to other products for sale at other websites. These are all designed to help any Problem Gambler. 

    My theory is this: If we find ourselves investing a few pounds to a hundred pounds or more, over the course of time, in buying books or products that will help change our beliefs and ultimately our behaviour then I believe that will be the best money you have ever spent. Not every purchase will be the one that switches the light on for you but it will build an overall picture nonetheless and the more time, energy and money spent on the other side of the gambling fence is what will set you free