Talks & Media work...

Jake is a professional speaker and writer.

He is widely recognised as an expert in the field of gambling awareness.  When a gambling news story breaks he is one of the key figures called upon to comment. 

He has extensive experience working with the media.  He presented the acclaimed Channel Four, The Insider documentary, appeared on countless radio and television programs, participated in live debates and much more.

Jake is a communication expert whose engaging, down to earth style combines humour, passion and knowledge.

Jake has a wide area of understanding and is able to offer great insight into many interesting and often controversial areas.


“Jake has a powerful story to tell which he delivers in a very measured manner. The judicious use of PowerPoint is reinforced by his own experiences, which emphasises how easy it is to find oneself in a situation where one is out of one's depth very quickly. The audience listened attentively and the discussion groups afterwards were lively. Thank you and well done! I will be in touch to book dates for next year." Father James Power of Harrow


“Jake provided the perfect sixth form assembly: hard-hitting, personal and informative while avoiding the danger of preaching to, or patronising, the students.  His message was clear and yet was delivered in an accessible and humorous manner.  The applause at the end of the assembly and subsequent comments by the students highlighted the impact that Jake made on his audience.” Jimmy Pressley, Head of Sixth Form, Royal Grammar School, Guildford


“Jake Brindell is an engaging and realistic speaker for the subject of gambling amongst teenagers. An ex-addicted gambler, who started whilst he himself was at school, he is fully aware of the pressures placed upon teenagers to take part in gambling and yield to peer pressure. He is willing to tailor his presentation to your needs. Additionally, he is very knowledgeable of the tricks used in the gambling industry to both make it an attractive pursuit and ensure that the industry is the real winner. We will definitely be engaging him again next year.” Peter Hatch, school teacher, Kings College School

Media appearances include

Radio 5

BBC News

Sky News

Channel Four, The Insider Programme – presenter

Voice of Russia