A BIG thank you for all your feedback... I get so much positive and inspirational feedback (as well as that all too familiar rock bottom seriously painful writing as well) - it seemed a shame to just place it in the deleted box of my hotmail account.  You can find some of it down below...it may inspire you as it does me.

Hello jake, i  write this email on my 69th day without placing a bet. I have been gambling in one way or another since i was 15yrs old. I have never been so bold to estimate how much i have lost in that time not that it matters now. In that time i have made many attempts to give up but have never found anything that has given me the clarity, or the direction of thought that gave my compulsive behaviour any background or meaning. I read your free help guide almost daily after downloading it onto my mobile. My rock bottom was after a single bet (my largest stake ever) of 1000pounds on a football game. I feel strong now, all the more because i know i am never more than a bet away from decending back to where i spent so many years of my life. I still catch myself trying to give myself permission to 'stick a wee bet on' and i almost romantisising over past gambling.(weird eh after all the pain). just want to say thanks that my desparate google search that day found something that made sense to me and gave little hope for me my wife and my wee girl. Ta
All the best

Dear Jack, 

Yhank you so much for the brochure. Although at some level I believe I always knew all the facts,I was never able to fully understand them, I was never able to compile them, I was never able to reach the final conclusion - but I had the "luck" to find it served on a silver platter in your brochure. Thank you very much one more time for making things clearer for me.
You see, Ive just started the process of recovery, and I am aware that a long and obstacled way lays ahead. But I am willing more than ever to get through, to get to the other side.
I am a romanian born, a problem gambler for the past 20 years(well I guess I become problem probably in the last 8 or so) and I feel that is gonna help me(others too) if I translate the brochure in romanian language. In a way I would like to follow your steps-to set up a web page in romanian, a page which will do exactly what yours does - HELP people !
Well of course that would be plagiarism without your permission, and this mail serves also as a permission request .  
So, what do you think ?
Kind Regards, 
Aurel from Romani on 20/03/2010

Dear Jake

I read your 2006 online book yesterday and got up 1 1/2 hours later, with my hand aching from writing down some of your messages, instructions, ideas, etc.  You may have saved my life - my spiritual, emotional one, in any case!  I have truly hit the lowest point I can possibly go.  My house may still be foreclosed, I have no good credit cards left, I owe everyone - car company, a good friend, my brother, on and on and on.  Anyway, not to bore - you've heard it all before.

I have now contacted Gamblers Anonymous (not my favorite organization but it's what's on offer right now) and am going to the next possible meeting, in three days.  Meanwhile, I am writing and gathering my thoughts.  If I can face it, I will start writing a list of my debts so I can figure out how to pay them off over time.

Anyway, thank you for having put your writings on the web.  Your thoughts resonated with me more than anything else I've read thus far, and I finally feel empowered and positive enough to move forward.

Yours towards peace and serenity -

From Rosemary in the USA   - 01/0`/2010


Just wanted to drop a quick thankyou to you on your great book. Only half way through at the moment but so far it has been very informative.
Im at the stage of every cent not spent on my mortgage goes on gambling. some months it has been a struggle to get money back to my account by due date.
The feelings/emotions expressed in your book tap directly into my thought processes, which makes what I am reading so much more believable.
I believe you should get this professionally published. It is so much more helpful than the information I got from the gambling help line
Ross in Australia on 12/01/2010

Dear Jake

I am over 40 years old now, born and raised in Las Vegas, Nevada.  I worked in the casino industry and watched adults cry at the tables as they gambled their entire paychecks away.  I watched this, and then started gambling myself.  I have kept it a secret from everyone!!  I am so embarrassed.  My husband and I both have very good paying jobs, however, we are in debt more than we should be.  I am not behind on my bills, but they could be maintained in a much better manner. 
Thank you for putting your short story out for everyone to see!  I carry it in my handbag......and it has a lot of highlighter and pen marks on it....it is so encouraging!!
Reading your book was my first step on a journey to better myself.
Take care......hope your journey is well. MARY FROM LAS VEGAS 01/01/2010
Hey Jake,

 I'm half way through reading your book "What's in a gamble" and I just

 had to let you know that it is EXACTLY what I was looking for. The

 similarities with my limited diary entries and general attitude are

 absolutely amazing! I have been gambling for about 2 years and have

 realised early enough to stop it before I do some real damage. I'm

 only up to day 10 but I should have my debts paid off pretty soon.    
 So in a nutshell, I would recommend your book "What's in a gamble" to

 anyone who thinks they have a problem and want to see how you have

 dealt with it. It helps you realise that others have been through

 exactly the same feelings and thoughts as you have.


Darren from Australia

Hi Jake --- I am a 43 year old U.S. attorney and single mother to the joy of my life, a 2 year old boy.  I am also a person who has gambled away virtually every penny I have earned in my career.  I went three years without gambling until very recently.  I CANNOT believe I fell back into it – AND WITH A CHILD…!  I thought I got it, for most all the reasons you so aptly mention in your book, and then I slipped, no, plummeted crashing all the way down to virtually broke AGAIN.   How to ever trust myself again…??? 

I greatly appreciate your website.  It is wonderful (in a sad way) to see so much help out there on the topic now vs. my last desperate internet search for recovery support outside of GA – which tends to simply trigger me!

I would be happy to be among the 1000 on your list of folks interested in bringing further attention to the seriousness and breadth of problem gambling.

Let me know if there is anything I can do and please keep up the good work!

-Lynda 29th August 


Dear Jake,
I just read your free help guide. I congratulate you not only for over come of your gambling habbit and also for helping other problem gamblers.
I have been gambling for 20 years and accumulated huge debt in my life. I have decived my wife, my son and others. I lie every day! I belived that one day I get all my dream numbers continually comes up on roulette table and my financial problem will be solved.
I have been trying to get rid of my gambling habit since I started gambling but unfortunately I failed.
You have pin pointed gamblers behaviour and beliefs in your book very well. Going to Casino and playing roulette has become  part of my life. I work very hard. I have a lovely family and friends. I always involve in social activities but feel lonley. When I gamble, as you said in your book, I feel happy.
I have tried all the stratagies that you have mentioned in your book. I will read your book again and again to know that I have tried it all!.
The time now is 2.30am, can't get sleep and very disappointed about myself. I have won couple of thousand dollars yesterday. I always think of stop going to casino after I win or lose. I am very confident that I will over come of my gambling habit.
Thank you a lot.
With kind regards, XXX from Australia 1st May 2009